In her own words, Julie tells a little about her faith, her convictions and how she tries to live her life:
"I really prefer the word RELATIONSHIP to that of RELIGION when it comes to how I view my faith.  I have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I made a decision when I was 16 to commit my life to Him.  Have I lived a perfect life since then?  Not even close.  But have I experienced God's love and grace every day of my life since then?  ABSOLUTELY!
I'm not here to judge or to preach.  But if you know me at all, you have to know my heart and how I feel about Christ.  I owe Him everything!  And if there's one thing that I have learned over this journey I have been on the past few years, it's that we are all endowed with an incredible 
"WORTHINESS" - - not because of anything good we've done; but because God created us and He says so! He's proved it to us in a hundred ways and continues to in my own life everyday.

So thanks for letting me share a little about what I believe.  It goes so much deeper than I can express in a few mere words on a Web site. 

But if you have sincere questions about faith in Christ, I'd like to know.  Send me a message and share your thoughts with me.  There have been times when I couldn't do anything else for someone but pray for them. But I truly believe in the Power of Prayer.  

Thank  you for stopping by this part of my Web site.  God bless you."

"All my life I had tried to please God.  But it became increasingly apparent that I had not treated my body as a temple; I had treated it as a fair ground.  I  thought God was mad at me because I was fat.  And although He wants us to care for the body He has given us, I realized He was far more concerned with the condition of my heart than any number on the scale.  When I began to truly see the 'Julie' God created me to be instead of the 'Julie' I had created through a lifetime of bad habits, my life was changed forever."
 - Julie Hadden
I think so many people fail to embrace God and accept the love and acceptance that He offers because they feel like they need to 'clean up their act' and get their life together first.  Thank goodness that's not what my faith is based upon.  The God I serve says, 'Come just as you are.'  It's been a reality in my life that I have wrapped around myself at the utter depths of dispair and rejoiced in at the happiest and most glorious moments too.